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  • Services round the clock

  • Snow clearance is made before 6:00 AM or at the start of precipitation and the scheduled time of the city snowplow.

  • Service offered after an accumulation of 5 cm on the ground. (industry standards)

  • The customer must free its parking to allow the contractor to perform the service properly.

  • Effective Dates of the contract: from November 15th to April 15th

Contract term


The Contractor:

  1. It undertakes to obtain all necessary permits to perform snow removal operations.

  2. It undertakes to hold liability insurance of 2 million for the duration of the contract.

  3. It undertakes to install the  terminals to identify and delimit the parking lot.

  4. It undertakes to perform snow removal on time under the terms evoked previously.

  5. It is not responsible for damage to objects obstructing the parking lot, for example: bin, log, recycle bin, basketball, shovel, etc.

  6. It is not responsible for the breakage caused to a service box (municipal water inputs).

  7. It is not responsible for damage to the landscaping by blowed snow.

  8. It is not responsible for the damage that can be caused by the stone gravel parking lots that could be blown on the customer'S or neighbors' lawn. 

  9. It is not responsible for damage caused to parking lots with structural deformities such as ruts or to steep and uneven slope.

  10. It is not responsible for the damage of the parking lot caused by a tractor loss of control due to a frozen parking.

  11. May reserve the right to interrupt the snow removal service if the driver evaluates it as a risky maneuver caused by ice.

  12. May reserves the right to cancel the contract or suspend services without notice if the customer does not meet the payment terms at the dates stipulated in the contract.

The Customer:

  1. Agrees to comply with the payment terms specified in the contract.

  2. Agrees to pay a fee of $ 25.00 for returned checks or returned by the bank.

  3. It undertakes to free the parking lot with any object that could damage the snow removal operations.

  4. It undertakes to provide the contractor the pegs used to identify and delineate parking.

  5. It is committed to maintain its parking  deglazed (by adding abrasive if applicable) for the duration of the contract.

  6. It undertakes to communicate primarily with the contractor for any incident occuring during snow removal operations.

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